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After having my N for 10 years, I finally booked my class 5 road test. I was nervous, and needed a refresher course as we all pick up bad driving habits. Pam was awesome and help me acknowledge my weak points and what I needed to work on. She gave me great tips on how to correct my bad habits. Today I did my road test and passed my class 5 on the first shot! Thank you so much!

Melissa Rawson

"Hi Pam, just wanted to let you know that I passed my road test! Thanks for all the help 😊

Sam Julian

"Hey Pam, it’s Mathieu. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my driving test and I am very appreciative for the lessons. Thank you very much. "

Mathieu L.

"I passed!!! Thank you so much for your helpful lessons 🙂 ".

Celine May

Just went driving around. It was AWESOME!!! Thank you for everything Pam. Teaching me so much I never knew.

Carson G.

Thanks for being such a patient supportive instructor and getting BOTH OF US through the process. You rock!!!

Catherine Hubbs (Claire’s mom)

“When you are learning to drive, the things you look for in an instructor is someone who can coach you and someone who is patient. During lessons, Pam gave me constructive feedback which allowed me to improve on my weak points and gain confidence over time. What sets Pam apart is that she cares for her students and loves what she does. I enjoyed every lesson we had and it seemed that time flew by so quickly during our classes. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun!

Through this experience I’ve not only gained a mentor, but also a friend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it has truly made a difference in my driving.”

Jenina Singian

Great teacher with in depth knowledge for driving. Very flexible hours and they gave honest feedback without the crap, very passionate about what they do and they seem to care about their students, KEEP IT UP!

Peter Zhang

Pam is a caring, funny. and friendly instructor who made me feel very confident about my driving skills. She gave me lots of tips and tricks to become a better driver and pass my Class 7 road test. I will strongly recommend anyone who is preparing for a road test to give her a call. She’s truly amazing and very knowledgeable 😀
Pam, thank you so much! I deeply appreciate your help!

José Ariel de la Vega

She taught my daughter who said she never ever wanted to drive and she passed right away. Awesome and patient instructor.

Elaine McLeod

Both of my sons learned to drive with Pamela Turner, and both have been, good solid drivers. Happy to recommend Let’s Drive.

Maryellen T.

Passed on my first try thanks to Pam. Amazing woman.

Sarah Mitchell

Pam, is fabulous at what she does. You will be pleased you went to her.

Cindy Sanesh

Pam @LetsDrive is awesome!
I highly recommend her!
She is kind, calm, engaging and put us all at ease.
We appreciated all her years of knowledge and experience!

Shannon Mundy Aziz

After having my N for 10 years, I finally booked my class 5 road test. I was nervous, and needed a refresher course as we all pick up bad driving habits. Pam was awesome and help me acknowledge my weak points and what I needed to work on. She gave me great tips on how to correct my bad habits. Today I did my road test and passed my class 5 on the first shot! Thank you so much!

Melissa Rawson

Thanks Pam for you brought me back the confidence with your experience and instructions. Thanks to all of that I passed my road test. Thank you.

Cesar Rodriguez

Pam is the best driving instructor you could ever ask for, she’s simply the best and could teach anyone she’s patient kind and all above amazing love her!

Brianna Montanari

Can’t recommend Pamela enough!! Because of her I was able to overcome my fear of getting behind the wheel and the anxiety of the N test. Thanks to her I was able to pass my first try! So thorough, attentive, caring, funny and just an overall joy to be around. Such a fantastic teacher. Couldn’t have done it without her!

Surya Kim-Greze

Decided to take a single lesson as a refresher for parallel parking & backing into parking stalls. I knew that there must be a clear, systematic way to get it right every time. And there is, Pamela gave me the system. And she gave me so much more. In one lesson, she also showed me a better setting for my seat and side mirrors that cuts down my blind spot and she tuned up my driving. I did Young Drivers of Canada years back but after driving day to day for years, I had picked up some bad habits in the rush of getting to and from work. It was great to remind myself what great driving looks like. Pamela is a great teacher!

Karen Falkenspence

I cannot say enough good things about Pam and Let's Drive! Pam is warm and inviting from day one and she has just the right mix of patience, caring, good nature, humor, experience, knowledge and instruction for the job. Pam's 30+ years of experience as an instructor really show and her services provide a great value, well beyond what a loved one, or even most driving schools have to offer. Learning to drive as a 30-year-old, when I had resigned myself to never be a "driver", was an enormous undertaking. There were many tearful moments along the journey or times that I wanted to give up, but Pam was there to talk me through it over the phone or send an encouraging text; Pam never gave up on me, and more importantly would not let me give up on myself. Now I have my N licence, new confidence and more opportunities to pursue travel, education and employment!

Karly Morgan

Let’s Drive was amazing!! Pam taught me so much and I wouldn’t have passed first time if it wasn’t for her! She always answered my questions right away on text and she was always very patient! Drive with Pam if you want to pass first time.

Carson Guillemet

Simply the Best Teacher in Town.

Honore Gbedze

I learnt a lots of detail knowledge about driving with Pam that I never learnt before. She will help you pass the test, and be a better driver. I recommend Pam!

Riccardo Lu

It was a pleasure having Pam as my daughter’s driving instructor this past year. Pam is very personable and pleasant to work with. My daughter Paige enjoyed learning from her and always looked forward to her lessons. Pam mentioned many times how she liked collaborating with me to ensure my daughter always got the most effective teaching out of her lessons. I have already recommended Pam to my daughter’s friends and would not hesitate to recommend her as a driving instructor. My daughter passed her driving test on her first attempt thanks in part to working with Pam. But I’m kind of sad only because now we won’t be seeing Pam anymore.

Jennifer Gant

I have now been successfully driving for a month all on my own after using Pam and her bestest efforts with Let's Drive! to help me pass my N road test. She is absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier with my results. I would 100% highly recommend her to anyone needing a brush up or skill and confidence boosting behind the wheel. She is flipping amazing at what she does! Not only did she help me with my N exam but she successfully helped my grandfather with his now yearly test as well. She is so patient and truly a fantastic teacher.

Jennifer Turner

First off I want to thank Pam for being a great teacher and friend in the car. She was able to assist me with finally reaching my goal of getting rid of my learners and onward to my full licence.

One of the best thing about each lesson is, when starting our lesson she made sure that the driver (me) in this case, was comfortable with the position of the seat and my ability to see out of all the mirrors in a road worthy way. I used to use my mirrors to cheat when parking haha but she showed me how to correctly use them.
The next in the long list of growing up behind the wheel was parking and being able to park in all sorts of ways. Reverse parking, parallel and just knowing the cars movements when aligning yourself to park.

Anyone looking for a great teacher and an awesome friend to learn from when driving should definitely take lessons from Let’s Drive!

Pam is great with people and gives her all when it comes to her students! 🙂
Thank you Pam!”

Joshua Sage Eyolfson

Just passed my drivers test this week. Pam was excellent- very patient and gave good consistent feedback. Would definitely recommend her!

Nicole White

For anyone who is looking to learn how to drive safely, feel confident, drive defensively, and obtain long term techniques, Pam is the one for you. I have received my Learners license over and over again for the past 10 years, often experiencing too much anxiety to fully commit to learning how to drive. Pam was patient, met me where I felt I was at, encouraging and motivating. Pam observed my learning style, and matched her teaching to accommodate. Pam truly wants her students to do well, not only to pass onto the next steps of their driving journey, but to become safe and confident drivers while we are all sharing the road. Pam was just as amazing at supporting my building of self confidence, as she was in the practical driving instruction. I am happy to report that this previous week I finally took the road test and transitioned from a "Learners License" to my "Novice License." Not only do the laws tell me I can drive legally on the road, I now truly believe that driving is something I am capable of doing!

Brittney Fader

Pam is hilarious, kind, and an excellent driving instructor. She checks in with how you’re feeling, takes the time to figure out your learning style, how you respond to feedback, and helps you see your progress. She figures out what you need and provides it in a supportive environment.

She teaches the students that have failed with other driving schools, the ones that live alongside anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health challenges, the ones who’ve been in accidents... she teaches the people who just need the right person to make this happen. And she’ll help you make it happen! Pam gets an A+. Highly recommend.”

Jamie Russell

Pam is a great instructor. i got my N on my first try thanks to all the tips she taught me. she was flexible with my schedule too which I loved.

Kenny Lush

After failing my road test with a previous instructor, I decided to give Pam a call. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was patient, helpful and accommodating and I was able to pass my road test on my first try! I highly recommend everyone give her a call if you're thinking about getting lessons. Just give yourself a few months with her and you'll be ready to get your N in no time. 5/5 stars! Thanks Pam!

Pavel C.

Pam is great instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who is just starting to learn how to drive. She’s patient, bubbly, kind and really comfortable to drive with. I’m very thankful and grateful to have her as my instructor/mentor.

Thank you so much Pam! Without you, I wouldn’t pass my road test today.

Francesca Ibay

Thank you Pamela for your wonderful driving education! You truly have a gift and I am a more confident driver in this city because of you. Thank you for all the information and your calm demeanor made it so easy for me to learn through my fears. I look forward to driving a lot more now! You are awesome!

Sheila Neufeld

I got my driving licence last week! thanks to Let's Drive! ....My instructor Pamela was so patient and cool with me that I totally felt at home learning to drive 🙂 haha.

Wonderful experience! Thanks!!!

Raien N.

Pamela really helped me to develop the good habits necessary, not only pass the test, but also to be a safe, efficient, defensive driver. Highly recommended.


It is an amazing school. What a fantastic way to teach. Very friendly and competent instructor. Long long experience and amazing skills. I recommend everyone to join and go through a new experience . Dr. Paramvir Singh

Poet Paramveer

My experiences with Let's Drive have always left me feeling good to the core. I felt I was able to work through my weaknesses and fears openly and freely while driving with Pam. Even when I was taking lessons at another school the instructors spoke so highly of Pam and her abilities and overall passion for making the road a safe place.

Helissa Mubert

Thank you let's drive! I am driving like a boss! all those little tips really helped me.

Charo Hernandez‎

I just got my driving licence. actually, no , we just got our driving licence! Without the help of my fabulous driving instructor Pamela I wouldn't have been able to do it so smoothly. she made it so much fun and helped me all along to the very last step! Thanks so much!!!

Raien Naraghi‎

Hi Pam! It's been a while since I had my driving lessons with you, but I haven't forgotten how patient, informative, kind and efficient you are. Many thanks for helping me pass my road test!

Cintia Stela‎

Thank you Pam for the pre-test lesson it helped soooo much. After a long day and almost not being able to do the test do to burnt out tail lights. I passed and was complemented on my driving.

Thank you so much again

Jesse Emmerson‎

I can't thank you enough for helping me to finally get my license. Many tried, but you're patience and confidence in me made all the difference. Not to mention, it was just nice to be spending the time with someone so easy to talk to and joke with. thx again!

Nicky Gojevic

She's a good teacher. and a really great woman. Thanks Pam!

Rae LeiLei‎

Thank you SO much for helping me FINALLY get my license. I was able to go from being a nervous 'I am never going to get my license' driver to someone who can drive with confidence and appropriate defensiveness. Your care, attention to detail, and amazing teaching style helped where other instructors could not. Thank you!

Mark Ainley

Thank you for the awesome lesson today - how great to cover basics like, oh, the arc created by turning your wheel and what the different degrees do. Fantastic - stuff never covered by my two previous teachers. Now hopefully this will help me with my Angry Birds game as well... Thanks heaps!

Mark Ainley‎

Here's my testimonial for an fantastic teacher:

When I got back in the driver's seat after a major accident, it took a lot to help me over the psychological fear of driving again. I wanted a teacher who understood my fear. Pam was that person. She has the sensitivity and intuition to give students what they need. She takes her time to explain things thoroughly, calmly talking you through challenging situations when they come up. She tests your skill level every step of the way so you come away from her classes feeling like you have really learned something. Most of all, she makes sure you feel completely ready to accept the responsibility of becoming a driver, rather than let you speed through the training just for the convenience of having your license.

Jeanie Bean

thanks so much Pam! After so many ppl had tried to teach me (and I scared the bejeezus out of them and myself), you've managed to do the impossible. i will miss our lessons though, you're such lovely person to be around.

Nicky Gojevic

I recommend Pam to anyone looking for a driving instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I had my learners license for a number of years before actually feeling ready for my road test, largely because I didn't have a car to regularly practice with. I had friends and family help me learn to drive but my training with Pam was indispensable. Taking lessons was really helpful in solidifying what I had already learned, and filling in what I had missed. Beyond simply being a really pleasant person to spend a few hours with, she is a fantastic teacher. Her approach is gentle but clear, and it's obvious that she cares about her students and really wants people to be safe drivers. She taught me a number of things that none of the experienced drivers who had been coaching me had mentioned. I purchased the 6 lesson package deal and it was money worth spent. The knowledge and confidence I gained were worth every cent and I really cannot recommend her enough!

Ruby Arnold

Thanks to Pam for getting me ready for my road test! I passed with flying colors!! You're the best Pam!!

Blalix Treeknee

Pamela was an amazing instructor! She has such a calm demeanor and very proactive in helping you become the strong confident driver you deserve to be! She not only gets stars, my book gives her rainbow super powers! I highly recommend this super human ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 -

Cortney Sylvestre

Thanks Pam!! I just passed my road test today thanks to the confidence Pam gave me behind the wheel! When we first met I had NO driving experience, but with her help and with a few lessons I feel at ease behind the wheel, and passed my test with confidence! She is a fantastic driving instructor who I would recommend for anybody!

Leah Stephanie Zrnoh

Thank you so much for the help you gave me when I needed to get my Canadian license. You taught me all the little tips I needed to know to keep the testers happy in no time at all, and gave me the confidence to succeed.
Congratulations on your new business, you're a great instructor and I'm sure it will flourish!

Zaylene May

Pam is an incredible teacher. She is extremely patient, warm, kind, and non-judgemental, and caters your lessons to exactly what you need to learn, at a pace that is comfortable for you. She seems to genuinely care about her students, and about making the roads safer by training skilled, confident drivers. If only there were more Pams, so everyone could learn driving from her! I was very anxious about learning how to drive and assumed it would never be an option for me, but I passed my class 7 test on my first try with Pam’s excellent coaching!

Sharon Bradley

Pam is a very patient instructor who works on making the client feel safe and confident. Lots and lots of patience. Nice friendly demeanour.

Susan Drake

Congratulations on getting your page up! You're an awesome instructor - you point out important techniques and strategies in a very gentle way, and 'cut to the chase' so to speak, by giving the clearest, simplest explanations. I made my fastest, most substantial improvement as a driver in just a few lessons with you (as opposed to with my other instructors). The fact that you are teaching Graduated Licensing Certification ICBC staff is a real sign that you know what you're doing! Keep up the great work!!

Mark Ainley

Pamela is a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Pamela to everyone, as she was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before many lessons, I was incredibly anxious, however Pamela was reassuring when teaching me and making me feel very comfortable. I am so pleased I had Pamela to teach me. Thank you for all your support and time you spent teaching me to drive. Thank you so much again! 😄

Vanessa Z.

Pam is an excellent teacher. She really helped me and explained me well until she was sure I understood. I became a better driver right away because of her. I recommend her for sure!! She is also so fun to be with, always nice and helpful.

Leah Frederico

Thanks so much for the assistance in attaining my professional class license! I couldn't have done it without your help! I am looking forward to my new job as a bus driver now.
(18 November 2010)

Ron A Tron

Thanks to this lady I passed my road test on my first try, thank you for all your support to get over this hurdle in my life ! Pamela Erratika Turner you are a real gem! Time with you helped me stay grounded through some trying life events! So thank you for being so understanding and perfectly distracting and more than flexible! 10 out of 10 recommendation for Let's Drive! Driver Education Services

Kristin Wolf

"I was planning on showing you a pic of my N sitting in the trash but the examiner said he would take it off my hands for recycling cuz I passed with flying colors!!! He said I was his best test of the day! Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom! You were with me for sure today!! I owe my success to you!"

Amanda Waymen

Hello Pamela,

Just a little note to let you know that I passed the road test this morning. (wearing my pink shirt for good luck.... :)) It was totally different from the previous experiences, with a very courteous woman.

I owe you many thanks for your precious help in preparing for the test with me. You were most helpful and besides, it was fun.

All the best for you in the future,


"Hey Pam! I just did my road test aaaaand I passed!!!! I just wanted to let you know and thank you for all that you did so that I was road ready!!! You are the bestest!!! 😘""

"I am excited to drive myself to work tomorrow"

"I was feeling a little nervous after the first time. But I think the extra driving time really made a difference. Thank you so much!! Your voice is still in my head while I drive Hahaha"

Talesha Redmond

“Hello Ms. Pam,

I hope you are doing well. I would like to let you know that I am very grateful to have you in my life. As I mentioned over the phone too, few weeks ago that It was a pleasure being your student for Taxi Host Program and I am very thankful to you for guiding me about the Schools who offer Class 2 Driving Services. I finally got my Class 2 License in May and it was not possible without your help. Thank you so much for being Awesome, keep up the good work.                             Best Regards

Kalvinder N

Pam is such an amazing and patient instructor. She really gives you the tools you need to pass your driving test and become an overall safe driver. I felt very comfortable driving with her and learning from her many years of experience.

Kristin Hussel