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Corporate Training / Occupational Road Safety

Even if driving at work isn't all that they do for the company, they do need to drive safely every time they get behind the wheel. Employers in BC must ensure the health and safety of all workers in the employer's workplace. The workplace extends to the vehicle that the worker is driving. And it doesn't matter who owns the wheels either, whether it's a company car or the employee's own - safety on the road is a shared responsibility between workers and employers.


Safety Refresher

Its all about getting back on the road after you has a crash. Its about building your confidence back up, heightening your awareness and putting you back in control behind the wheel. Give us a call we can help.

Scooter Safety

Just because you can ride one without a drivers license doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to stay safe. Come and learn ways to be more visible to other road users. Come and learn what rules apply to you as a motorized vehicle, and get the most out of your electric bike.

Instructor Development

Advanced Instructional Techniques

Responding to Learners Needs

Enhancing Communciation

Enhancing Motivation

Staring Your Own Driving School

Getting Back on the road

Not being the principle driver for many years and you are now stepping back into that role.  Learn the new rules, develop safer visual search techniques and keep yourself out of crashes. Get back behind the wheel with the confidence to go where the road takes you.

New comer to Canada

New to the city? New to the country?  Finding the best routes around. Get established as a driver knowing whats required to drive safely in BC. Introduction to local traffic patterns and best routes. We can help you understand local traffic patterns and main routes. Help you identify and cooperate with typical driver behaviour and understand and meet ICBC expectations for becoming licensed here.

Elder Drivers

Driving is a world of change. New cars, new technology, new laws keep arriving every day. Its important to stay current and ensure our skills also keep up to date with all the changes. We seniors often deal with unique challenges as part of the entire driving task. Come and review, check and make sure your driving keeps you mobile for many more year to come.

Called in for a retest? We know exactly what you need to know. Call us.

Class 4

Interested in working for ride-sharing, taxis limousines or require it for work. We can help.

GLP Course

Coming soon!

Instructor Training

Coming soon!

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Kudos from my students and their parents

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Jeanie Bean

Here's my testimonial for an fantastic teacher:

When I got back in the driver's seat after a major accident, it took a lot to help me over the psychological fear of driving again. I wanted a teacher who understood my fear. Pam was that person. She has the sensitivity and intuition to give students what they need. She takes her time to explain things thoroughly, calmly talking you through challenging situations when they come up. She tests your skill level every step of the way so you come away from her classes feeling like you have really learned something. Most of all, she makes sure you feel completely ready to accept the responsibility of becoming a driver, rather than let you speed through the training just for the convenience of having your license.

Sheila Neufeld

Thank you Pamela for your wonderful driving education! You truly have a gift and I am a more confident driver in this city because of you. Thank you for all the information and your calm demeanour made it so easy for me to learn through my fears. I look forward to driving a lot more now! You are awesome!

Raien Naraghi‎

I just got my driving licence. actually, no , we just got our driving licence! Without the help of my fabulous driving instructor Pamela Turner I wouldn't have been able to do it so smoothly. she made it so much fun and helped me all along to the very last step! Thanks so much!!!

Ron. A

Thanks so much for the assistance in attaining my professional class license! I couldn't have done it without your help! I am looking forward to my new job as a bus driver now.

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